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Welcome to Global Stock Valuation, the international portal based on the in-depth tutorial-style presentation of long-term intrinsic value and other facets of stock value at Global Value Investing. The focus here is on the multifaceted appraisal of common stocks worldwide.

Our approach may serve as a guide to reasonable stock valuations and as an antidote to irrational exuberance to help stabilize capital markets around the world — while minimizing the unavoidable conflicts of interest with academia, the finance industry, and deadline journalism.

Any investor anywhere in the world at any time with access to the Internet can use our free, interactive, suite of graphical models. You can calculate intrinsic value and rate of return using discounted cash flow techniques, mean value and range of value using Monte Carlo simulation, and implied growth rate using goal seeking analysis.

The investment models can be customized for your local language and currency, with example calculations using a domestic widely-held stock, and with automatic stock price retrieval. If the stock exchange or brokerage firm where you trade does not provide our models customized for your use, you may ask them to contact us and get a local version.

Securities exchanges, brokers and financial portals that prevail best will be those that add value online through investor protection; investor education; market simulation; exchange statistics; company external financial reports database (such as U.S. SEC EDGAR); research tools including screening, charting, stock valuation models, and option pricing models; and secure personal portfolio tracking of securities listed on all organized exchanges.

Caveat Lector. No single approach to investing is equally suitable for all investors and all investments at all times and under all circumstances. There is no one right way.

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