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When trading on foreign exchanges, there will be additional transactions costs including netting, clearing, and settlement fees. In addition, there will be custodial and other account fees.


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In the US, foreign listed companies may use US GAAP or IAS or their national GAAP. If not US GAAP, a note reconciling income statement and balance sheet items to US GAAP is required by regulation of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. US domestic companies must follow US

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Risk grades, rankings, charts, and personal tolerance. Calculating the RiskGrade measure is a two-step process. First, we calculate how much variation there is in the asset's price, making the most recent history more important than outdated observations. Second, we compare the asset's volatility to the volatility of a basket of global equities. The ratio of these volatilities results is a RiskGrade measure. The RiskGrade measure can vary from 0, for cash, to values well in excess of 1000 for highly speculative investments. RiskGrade suffers from the same fallacies as the
beta measure of risk.

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