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Ideas for Investment

John Burr Williams, 1999, Fifty Years of Investment Analysis, page 34: "To choose the right stocks to study seems to be much harder than to reach the right answer afterwards."

A common source of investment ideas is the daily financial press. In addition, stock talk, commentary and screens can provide research leads rather than actionable ideas (hot tips). We do not blindly follow recommendations of others who may have hidden agendas, but rather we question the thought processes of others to learn their reasons and methods. A good guide for due diligence investigation is Philip A. Fisher's Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits.

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Stock Talk

Stock chat is mostly short-term noise with a few useful signals. It is safer to avoid stocks with low prices, low trading volumes, little history, and stocks of companies alleged to have no competitors, rivals or peers for comparison. Online chat participants are predominately short-term hyper-traders (aka day traders who open and close positions on the same trading day), investment groupies, high-tech enthusiasts and penny-stock players and include microcap frauds. There are few active chat topics about long-term intrinsic value investing, although there are stock-specific message boards.

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Commentary & Analysis

Company Sleuth find free legal inside information; register & verify email
Insider Scores insider buyers & sellers by day, quarter, ytd & sector
Insider Trader filings of SEC Forms 3, 4, 5, 13D, 13G and 144
Jadco Stock Charts

price and earnings; stock grading system

Multex Research out-of-date brokerage firm research reports
NASDAQ InfoQuotes - Stocks charts from intraday to 96 months; fundamentals -- view competitors, comparision charts
Zacks Reports comprehensive, insider trading, out-of-date research



Stock Screens & Tools

ClearStation Technical Events for record low prices: today's trending issues, today's timing signals, record activity, most actives & price movers, price action events, and continuing trends.
FinancialWeb Stocks Super Screener exchange and industry group, trading price (current and historic), 52 week high and low, stock fundamentals, growth rates, revenues and ratios, industry comparisons, explanation of terms.
FinancialWeb Stocks Tools portfolio, markets, market watcher, side by side, historical stock data (10 years), industry groups, index components, charts and super screener.
FinancialWeb Research Reports get company reports; eps estimates, statistics, company-to-industry, fundamental data for last 4 quarters and last 4 years
Hoovers Stock Screener Advanced Search exchange, industry group, ratios, growth rates, company size, rates of return, margins and volatility.
Insider Trader Screens 7 daily standard screens
Morningstar QuickRank 9 stock sectors and 19 ranking criteria
Morningstar StockSelector 7 searches with preset criteria; stock basics, Morningstar stock grades, company performance, stock performance, and valuation ratios.
NASDAQ Stock Screening stock and mutual fund screening, custom ticker for your desktop, and secure private portfolio tracker across U.S. markets
Quicken Investing Stock Search [Popular Searches] Start here to use preset criteria that match popular investing strategies.
[EasyStep Search] Walk through the most important variables a step at a time. Use this page to learn more about stocks and how to search for stocks that fit your investing criteria.
[Full Search] See all 33 variables on one page, including numerous advanced options.
Silicon Investor Stock Screener fundamental criteria, industry criteria, price criteria, and volume criteria; use simple screen or personally saved templates.
Stockpoint Investment Tools personalized online investment tools: Top 25 Stocks (also ADRs), StockFinder, StockFinderPro, Top 25 Funds, FundFinder, FundFinderPro, and Asset Allocation.
Stockpoint Top 25 Stocks Quickly find the top 25 stocks in a Sector or Industry (traded on U.S. exchanges). Each stock is ranked by performance. Sort by return period and restrict your sort to American Depository Receipts (ADR). From the results, access Market Guide company profiles or Stockpoint's Quick Charts by clicking the appropriate links.
Stockpoint StockFinder personalized online investment tools; Top 25 Stocks (also ADRs), StockFinder: find stocks that match your criteria from the major U.S. exchanges (NYSE, Amex, Nasdaq).
Stockpoint StockFinderPro search multiple data sources of nearly 10,000 publicly traded companies. Returns a list of up to 100 stocks that match customized search criteria based on over 26 data fields, such as price, volume, P/E ratio, four-week price change percentage and industry sectors. Results are presented in spreadsheet format. The results are interactive -- you can add customized data fields and reorder columns without conducting another search.
WallStreetResearchNet Quick Search price, yield, growth, ratios, size, exchange or index membership.
Zacks Screening predefined and custom-defined screens saved.




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