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Walk-Through Tour


This is a web-based application, so you don't need to download special software to access these models. It is also a server-side application, so your browser settings don't need to be configured to enable active scripting or active content.

A walk-through tour of a model can be started by clicking on its link on the PORTAL page. Then continue the tour by clicking on the [Next] button at the bottom of each page in the example calculation. Please note: the default examples are not updated to include current company financial data after any stock splits.


Stock Valuation

To evaluate a specific investment, use your data to over-write the default example inputs which serve as a guide for the type of data to enter. You may also clear the form and reset the default input data. Whatever data are entered in the input form at the time you click on the [Next] button will be used in the calculation of the results. If you want to see what data actually was used in the calculations, either click on the [History] button or review the assumptions in the output report. Please note that the examples for General DCF and Annuity Value are not interactive forms, but rather a spreadsheet or a sample calculation.



In the beginning, you may spend more time using the pop-up help windows or gathering your input data if not at hand. A period of inactivity by a client may cause a session with the host server to time out. This is to prevent inactivity by any user from blocking other users from gaining access to the server.

Session Timeout: If a visitor starts a session and then abandons it, the session will continue to run, and take up memory, until it is closed. Abandoned sessions are caused to close themselves by setting a timeout limit. After a session has gone without any user response for the set amount of time, the session will kill itself.

Connection Timeout: The maximum amount of time the server will allow between sending or receiving individual packets of data on a connection before it assumes the connection is dead and should be closed.



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