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perpetual growth value per share VALUE S-CURVE

one-stage growth value per share VALUE 1-STAGE
value-implied growth VALUE GOAL 1-STAGE
rate of return RETURN 1-STAGE
value range & mean value VALUE RANGE 1-STAGE

two-stage growth value per share VALUE 2-STAGE
rate of return RETURN 2-STAGE
value range & mean value VALUE RANGE 2-STAGE

Spreadsheet Examples: Not Interactive **

short-term horizon
negative cash flow
irregular growth
variable discount rate
value per share GENERAL DCF
rate of return GENERAL DCF

annuity value per share ANNUITY VALUE

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Please note: The DCF valuation models automatically retrieve share prices for many listed stocks, but these freely accessible versions do NOT retrieve company financial data. Default examples for two stocks are included for quick walk-through tours only, and can be cleared or overwritten with your input data. The examples use outdated input data that might be out of range with current prices and thus might produce strange results. The access-logs reveal who has opened which models, but there is no way for anyone other than each user to see user-specified input data or output results.


The free DCF Valuator is available 24x7, but the DCF valuation models may be temporarily inaccessible if the servers are overloaded or unintentionally down. Due to busy Internet traffic, the models may run slowly or fail to complete before timing out waiting for a reply. If a model is not accessible or times out during use, please wait and try again later. If the price quote server is inaccessible at any time, prices can be entered manually from the financial section of daily newspapers.

DCF Valuator is available to all visitors.  The free DCF valuation models require manual retrieval, pre-calculation and posting of company financial data to model input forms. These functions are much faster, more reliable and more accurate when performed automatically. The premium DCF Valuator Pro can enable automatic data gathering from a standardized company financial database and has additional features and functionality.

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