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Company Data

10-K Wizard

Search the U.S. SEC EDGAR filings

SEC Get the Facts

U.S. SEC Investor Education and Assistance. "Get the facts" on saving and investing; free

SEC Quick Forms Lookup

U.S. SEC forms filed electronically to EDGAR database

EDGAR Database

U.S. SEC Internet database of corporate information; disclosure filings to the SEC's Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR) system; free

Search the EDGAR Database

U.S. SEC special-purpose searches: (1) CIK (10-digit Central Index Key) and ticker symbol lookup, (2) current events analysis, (3) mutual funds retrieval, (4) prospectus search, (5) exhaustive mutual funds search, (6) schedule 13D ownership report, and (7) executive compensation test; free

Search the EDGAR Archives

U.S. SEC full-text WAIS index of the header information contained in each document for 1994-1999; free !

U.S. SEC filings of corporate annual reports (10-K), quarterly reports (10-Q), prospectuses and other documents; balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements can be printed in either Excel spreadsheet tables or Rich Text Format (RTF) files; updated daily; search & display by form & dates; SIC codes; personal Watch List; free
[Stock Analysis : 12 economic sectors and 102 industries; industry reports that compare all the stocks in an industry and show their financials, fee]


U.S. SEC filings; real-time updates; search and display options by form type & date ranges; download FDS in spreadsheet format; access full-text filing; after a search is completed, you may view the Island ECN limit order book for NASDAQ stocks; fee


Software for Excel analysis of EDGAR 10-K and 10-Q filings; fee

Public Register's Annual Report Service

hardcopy annual reports on over 3,600 public companies; save a tree and get this only for your in-depth studies; free

Public Register's Annual Report Service-Online

view online annual reports on over 2,100 public companies; free

InvestorGuide: Public Company Directory

stock research tool links to home pages and research (quotes, charts, news, earnings, etc) for public companies; free

FactSet Research Systems

more than 100 economic, market and financial databases covering tens of thousands of companies and securities combined into one online information system; fee

Ford Investor Services

database of 4,000 U.S. common stocks including 17 Canadian stocks and 88 other non-U.S. stocks trading in the U.S. and over 10,000 companies in 43 other countries; includes a weekly calculation of intrinsic value of each stock using a proprietary dividend discount model; fee


System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval, Canada's electronic securities documentation filing system with filing and searching capabilities in Adobe PDF format.

Global Research Company

for non-U.S. companies not filing U.S. SEC Form 20-F, one place to get company addresses to collect data is the stock exchange in the country where the company is listed; for quicker access to such data, this service's search engine is a place to check.

Market Data

American depositary receipts, global shares and foreign shares from J.P. Morgan


American depositary receipts and global depositary receipts (GDRs) from Deutsche Morgan Grenfell

global markets; market quotes, symbol lookup & helpful symbol guide, foreign exchange rates, international stocks (ADRs); free

Data Broadcasting Corporation

internet streaming real-time quotes; quotes & ticker symbol lookup; fundamental data; free

Global Investor

internet resource for international investors; lists exchanges and bourses by country; ADRs alpha list and by country

Island BookViewer

Island ECN limit order book; outstanding order sizes, bids and offers, last match price; active Nasdaq stocks.

3-D Stock Charts

Island ECN limit order book in rotatable 3-dimensional chart.

Market Guide Inc.

companies, industries and sectors; quotes and screening on 12,000 entities; free

PC Quote Online

online streaming real-time quotes; stocks & indices; ticker symbol lookup; U.S. SEC filings (by EDGAR Online, visitors HTML read-only); corporate profile by Market Guide; MarketSmart Delayed with fundamental data, money market and mutual funds; indicative quotes on U.S. Treasury and government agency securities by StreetSoftware; free

quotes & ticker symbol lookup; stock, bond, fund, index and money markets; U.S. and Canada companies; government securities; foreign exchange rates; research : U.S. SEC filings, company snapshot with fundamental analysis; free

Stock Smart

over 20,000 companies in 58 countries; worldwide quotes for stocks & indices by name and security type; over 7,400 mutual funds; currency rates & key cross currency exchanges; U.S. SEC filings; companies, industries & sub-industries; U.S. markets, global markets; free

Worldly Investor

global stocks and market information; of 100 largest-capitalization most-frequently-traded American Depositary Receipts; ADR rankings; free

Xenon Laboratories

worldwide currency converter with 65 currencies and 3 precious metals in their main list; full list contains additional currencies; free

Zacks Free Research

EDGAR Filings by EDGAR Online (visitors HTML read-ony; word processing RTF download not available); Balance Sheet (XLS), Income Statement (XLS), and Cash Flow Sheet (XLS). Evaluate Stocks : Company Reports : Drill-Down Details : SEC filings, and fundamental tables with 10 years of annual and 12 quarters of quarterly data including income statements, balance sheets, but cash flow statements require password; free and fee

Economic Data

The Dismal Scientist

U.S. economy and worldwide economies; economic information and economic analysis; keep in touch with all of the latest economic indicators with Dismal Delivery by email

Natural Resources

evaluation of hardrock and sedimentary mineral ore reserves worldwide

additional links

list of more than 50 selected links to worldwide financial, economic and investment information and fundamental company data

Price Quote Servers
Market quotes are available online from the following vendors for the given markets:

Canada Stockwatch || Stock, Mutual Fund, Index, Options, Futures CNN Financial Network Dreyfus Brokerage E*Trade Delayed || Stocks, Mutual Funds, Index ESI Trade (UK) Johannesburg Stock Exchange Lombard (Discover Brokerage) Delayed National Stock Exchange of India Nikkei Net (Tokyo) PC Quote MarketSmart Delayed (Hong Kong) Quicken UK || Entire Database, U.S. Stocks and Bonds, New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ Stock Market, American Stock Exchange, Mutual Funds, Money Market Funds, OTC Bulletin Board, Indices and Indicators, Canadian Stocks and Bonds, Toronto Stock Exchange, Montreal Exchange, Vancouver Stock Exchange, Alberta Stock Exchange, Canadian Over-the-Counter Security APL || Exchange, Stocks, Bonds, Canadian Stocks, Money Market Funds, Mutual Funds StockCenter Swissquote Yahoo! Yahoo! Australia & New Zealand Yahoo! UK || London, Paris, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Milan, Oslo.

Company Data Servers & Providers
Financial data are available online from the following vendors for the given markets:

EDGAR SEC Internet Database of U.S publicly-traded companies Ford Investors Service (U.S. & world markets) Information Access Private Companies Market Guide || New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and OTC Media General Financial Services || New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange and NASDAQ Moody's Morningstar || U.S. stocks Standard & Poor's (McGraw-Hill) || COMPUSTAT U.S. stocks, ComStock world markets Primark (Disclosure Extel U.S. & world markets) StockSmart || U.S. & world markets Value Line Worldscope Zacks U.S. stocks for other markets Yahoo! Stock Exchanges


Price Quote & Symbol Lookup

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